10 Amazing Church Outfit Ideas

What to wear to church is a tough choice because you should opt an outfit, which will be appropriate for the occasion, fashionable and which will reveal your personal style. In the meantime, it shouldn’t expose certain body parts and it shouldn’t look scruffy.

There are three golden rules you should keep in mind while trying out outfits you can wear to church.

Stick to conservatism

Mass in the church is a social gathering, but it’s not an informal party with friends. So, bras, tank tops, transparent blouses, low-cut dresses, too glitzy jewelry, shorts and flip-flops are a taboo. Instead of it, choose an A-line dress, and complement it with a cardigan and pearls. Also, go for knee-length dresses and skirts. They are stylish, create the right silhouette, and show respect for your tenets of faith. Pencil skirts are also acceptable and in order to look gorgeous, you may combine them with a pretty blouse and accessories.

As for footwear, both heels and flats can be worn. Whereas sneakers don’t fit the church outfit at all.

Research specific traditions

If you don’t want to be disrespectful to the people in the church, be aware of the special attire, which is needed. For instance, Baptist churches expect you to wear ankle length skirts, whereas Catholic and Protestant churches are more liberal and they allow knee length skirts.

Pants are an alternative

In some cases, if you can’t wear dresses or skirts, black pants are acceptable. Wearing them, you’ll look modest, but in a combination with jewelry and a contrasting top, you’ll look chic. But don’t choose jeans or leggings.

So, try to stick to these rules and check out these cute church outfits. Get inspired!


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