10 Conveniently Surprising Portable Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Dear friend i’m sure that you at home you have a lot useful things that you need for perfect live but what about when you are away from your home when travel or when you in the mountain or on picnic and so on and so on.
Do you want to feel like you at at home and to have all things even if you are traveling. There are a few surprising inventions that will change your life. These portable items are everything i need right now. Look below and enjoy!

1. masculine portable coffee maker:

nm 1 nm 2 source

2. steam iron that you can bring on the road:

nm 3 source

3. little printer that will provide you with instant Instagrams:

nm 4 source

4. compact amp so you can jam even when you’re away from your studio:

nm 5 nm 6 source

5. portable woodburning stove that can heat a whole tent pioneer-style:

nm 7 nm 8 source

6. inflatable, covered bathtub that is about to take your Netflix binge to the next level:

nm 9 nm 10 source

7. handy portable sauna,  you deserve it:

nm 11 nm 12 source

8. portable humidifier that asks for nothing more than a bottle of water:

nm 13 source

9.convenient planetarium that brings the stars to you:

nm 14 source

10. portable ice machine to keep you chill:

nm 15 nm 16 source

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