10 Genius DIY Ways To Transform Your Old Jeans Into New Trendy Fashion Piece

The weekend is coming and now you will have more free time for doing your favorite activities. In this article, we want to give you creative suggestions on how to transform old jeans and make great and fashionable pieces of clothing. Some free time, passion, wish, and not too many skills are the required things that you need for these DIY projects. I m sure that you will find the one that you like the best and use your free time to create something fashionable. Enjoy!

Transform Old Jeans


Have you set your eye on pom-pom jeans but you are not feeling like spending more money on jeans because you have so many pairs of them in your wardrobe? Why don’t you consider a DIY project that will give you the desired things for very little money? Head to the store, buy some pom-poms and glue, and get down to work. Sticking them to the jeans won’t be a troublesome task, and I’m sure that you will have your new jeans in a matter of seconds.

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Here’s another super-easy way to transform old jeans on a budget. Get the pair of jeans that need to be updated and put some dots on them in the desired color and size. Make sure you get unwashable paint, so it won’t go away when you wash them. If you are not very confident in your skills, this is the craft that you should try for sure. It’s easy as a pie!

diy transform old jeans


Ripper jeans are a hot trend at the moment, so you shouldn’t worry if you still don’t have a pair of them. You can rip them for free and make them on your own. Save the photo below that will teach you how to make small or big rips according to your preferences.

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How to Rip Your Own Jeans

Are you looking for an alternative way to get ripped jeans? Check this out and see which one you like more!

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DIY Lace Ripped Jeans

Do you wish to add a fabric that will attract attention and make your jeans more eye-catching? Have you tried adding lace? Rip your jeans first and then either sew or glue the lace.

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There are plenty of spots where you can add ripper parts to your jeans. Have you considered ripping them at the knees?

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DIY – Ripped Jeans

Do you need a detailed step-by-step tutorial for your next DIY ripped jeans project because you don’t want to go wrong? Here it is!

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DIY Jeans

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DIY ripped jeans

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DIY destroyed denim DIY denim source


DIY distressed denim source

Have you managed to find a way to transform old jeans and give them a brand new look? Feel free to share your opinions with me in the comments below because I’d love to hear from you! I have several pairs of jeans that need remodeling and this article has inspired me a great deal!

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