Amazing Tricks To Make Your Food Last Longer

According to some official data, about 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away in the world every year. That is 30% of the world’s food production, so almost a third. Fruits and vegetables are at the forefront of this statistic, as they spoil the most and throw away the most of all foods. Of course, they are thrown away by the consumers to whom they are available – consumers in rich countries throw away as much food as the total production of sub-Saharan Africa.

How To Make Food Last Longer

Throwing away food doesn’t just cost money. Discarded food is sent to landfills where it rots and produces methane, which is most responsible for the greenhouse effect after carbon dioxide. In other words, food waste contributes to negative climate change. According to the Institute of World Resources, almost a quarter of all water used in agriculture is spent on discarded food. The first rule is: don’t buy more than you need. It’s not scary to be hungry sometimes. Avoid going shopping hungry. Avoid buying fruits and vegetables in bulk. Carefully plan your purchase as well as your spending. Try to store food and purchased products properly: never refrigerate potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers – always store them at room temperature.

If fruits or vegetables start to rot, do not throw them away. If the fruit has not been affected by mold, remove the rotten parts and use healthy ones. Another tip is to keep the refrigerator tidy and clean. When you buy everything from the grocery list, eat the old one first, and then the new one. Try to make an order in the refrigerator regarding the expiration date.

Important Things That You Should Know

Also, light, oxygen, heat and humidity are factors that lead to food spoilage. If stored properly, foods will stay tasty, fresh and rich in nutrients for longer. For example, you can save the excess spice by chopping it, putting it in a jar and pouring olive or other oil over it. Later, add to dishes as needed. There are probably few who have not found themselves in a situation where they have to throw away excess food, because storing some foods is almost impossible or complicated. However, there are some tricks that will simplify the extension of the shelf life of certain foods.

Personally i hate when i need to throw away food and this is the reason why i must go almost every day in the store which is really really bored. Really i didn’t knew that i could make groceries and all food last longer with just a few simple tricks. I was so happy when i learned these hacks. They really save me a lot of time and money. So please learn all those hacks and make your food last longer everytime you buy new products. You know somewhere someone needs it. Look below these awesome tips and enjoy!

1.Strawberries soaked in a vinegar-water bath will last a week longer

ka 1 source

2.Chopped green onions stored in an empty water bottle in the freezer will last up to three weeks.

ka 2 source

3.Celery wrapped in foil will stay crisp for weeks

ka 3 source

4.Cheese wrapped in a vinegar-soaked cloth won’t mold

ka 4 source

5.Onions stored in panty hose can last up to eight months

ka 5 source

6.Mushrooms stored in a paper bag will be slower to mildew

ka 6 source

7.Chips, crackers, and cereal won’t go stale in your freezer

ka 7 source

8.Natural nut butters stored upside down will stay conveniently creamy

ka 8 source

9. Salad kept in a pillowcase in your refrigerator will stay crisp longer.

ka 9 source

10.Tomatoes stored at room temperature will have a better flavor and texture.

ka 10 source

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