10 Helpful Absolutely Amazing Tricks To Make Food Last Longer

Personally i hate when i need to throw away food and this is the reason why i must go almost every day in the store which is really really bored. Really i didn’t know that i could make groceries and all food last longer with just a few simple tricks.
I was so happy when i learned these hacks. They really save me a lot of time and money. So please learn all those hacks and never throw away your food. You know somewhere someone needs it. Look below these awesome tips and enjoy!

1.Strawberries soaked in a vinegar-water bath will last a week longer

ka 1 source

2.Chopped green onions stored in an empty water bottle in the freezer will last up to three weeks.

ka 2 source

3.Celery wrapped in foil will stay crisp for weeks

ka 3 source

4.Cheese wrapped in a vinegar-soaked cloth won’t mold

ka 4 source

5.Onions stored in panty hose can last up to eight months

ka 5 source

6.Mushrooms stored in a paper bag will be slower to mildew

ka 6 source

7.Chips, crackers, and cereal won’t go stale in your freezer

ka 7 source

8.Natural nut butters stored upside down will stay conveniently creamy

ka 8 source

9. Salad kept in a pillowcase in your refrigerator will stay crisp longer.

ka 9 source

10.Tomatoes stored at room temperature will have a better flavor and texture.

ka 10 source

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