Genius New Uses Of Soap In The Household

As usual we all use the soap in the shower and to keep us clean from all that nasty bacteria around. But as you know we are sure that there are second uses for almost every single think that is around our home and we have proved this in our other articles. Although you may prefer to use liquid soap, it is not bad to have a solid soap on hand. In addition to giving freshness to cabinets, it also has a lot of practical, “do it yourself” uses. Some you’ve probably heard of, and some will surprise you. Check out below and learn new uses of soap in the household.

New Uses of Soap In The Household

If you think that something strange smells in the house, and you suspect gas leaks, soap will help you detect it. Rub the soap over the pipe, if bubbles start to form or you smell rotten eggs, it is very clear that you have a problem. Soap will help you in gas leak detection. Prevent creaking of old boards- rub soap on the edge of the board, and that will solve the problem. Of course, will last the until board is repaired or replaced.

With the help of soap, it is easier to open the drawers. It can happen that the old ones, but also the new ones, sometimes are very difficult to open? What you can do is rub the drawers and their mechanism with a little soap. Prevent the unpleasant smell of shoes- wrap a bar of soap in baking paper and leave it overnight in your shoes. You will notice that the scent was successfully neutralized tomorrow morning! It may not have occurred to you, but pets don’t like the taste of soap either, so you can use this wisely against the persistent harassment of your precious furniture. It is enough to rub the edges or legs with soap and that smell will surely prevent them from biting your couch.

Rub a little soap over your sunglasses, then wipe them with a towel and that should be enough so that your glasses no longer fog when entering from a cold to a warm space.  Now we want to prove you that there are actually a lot more unusual but extremely genius new uses of soap that you will wish you knew this sooner. Below are 9 way to use soap different from your shower that will make your life easier. Look at them and enjoy! Do not forget to tell us in the comment how helpful this was for you.

1. Soap Zipper Lube

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2.While filling holes to rub in a circular motion, that way you filled all aspects of the hole.

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3.Craft Project: Double Duty Pin Cushion

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4.How to Silence a Squeaky Door With Three Household Items

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5.Never deal with a foggy mirror after a shower again. Lightly rub bar soap on it, clean it off and enjoy.

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6.How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good Overnight

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7.For sticky drawers, rub soap along the edges to help them glide in and out. Works great on antique dressers!

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8.Lubricate screws with a bar of soap to make your DIY projects a little easier.

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9.Get rid of the sweat ring on collared shirts by treating them with bar soap before laundering.

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