11 Kids Games To Keep Them Entertained

Every day we meet parents who the upbringing of their loved ones, indulge in computers and technology as opposed to providing a carefree childhood and true friendship.We are witnessing the life that takes place under pressure and at high speed of the whole family, making us slaves of technology, limited freedom of play that leads to experience stress in children, moodiness, anxiety and even depression .
The proper growth and stimulating the development of children from an early age, both physical and intellectual insight, needs the right selection of kids games and activities.

The game is an important factor in achieving optimal and healthy development of brain functions. Through various games to stimulate children to express their creativity ,fantasy , nosiness, imagination and hidden desires. Through various kids games a child comes to new insights daily, while in the same time allowing easier navigation and communication with their environment. There are many different games for children. With some of them they learn counting, with other writing, others are good for the development of memory.

Most Amazing Kids Games

Here are some great ideas to keep the kids entertained. An improvised slide, badminton with plastic plates, a popcorn blowing contest… Depending on what necessary props you have at home, design a party for the kids and the game can begin! Try to maintain a routine. Make it similar to what the children are used to, with a schedule of waking up, sleeping, eating and doing activities at roughly the same times each day. Children like predictability, because it gives them a sense of security, and it makes the days easier for parents. If you divide the day into several smaller parts, it will be easier for you.

Kids are used to making a mess when they play and that’s okay, don’t get mad about it. Just encourage them and remind them that they have to clean up the mess and put the toys back in their place when they are done. Toys can be used in more ways than originally intended. For example, you can play with cars by “driving” them, but you can also divide them by color, wash them in a bowl of water or a sink, stack columns, etc…

The various stories and tales of the many picture books partially active the development of speech, vocabulary enrichment and the development of fantasy. Colors and drawings are important for the development of creativity and at the same time through them and reflect the emotions of the smallest. And of course the most important is physical activity, which is developed through the largest number of movements. In addition see our selection of children’s games through the pictures and allow your child to play and enjoy their childhood away from technology.



gf 1 source

2.Balloon Dart Board

gf 2 source

3.DIY Ring Toss Game

gf 3 source


gf 4 source

5.Build a Ring Toss Yard Game

gf 5 source

6.Time Tic-Tac-Toe

gf 6 source

7.Halloween Party Game

gf 7 source

8.DIY Ring Toss Game

gf 8 source

9.DIY Lawn Twister Game

gf 9 source

10.Backyard Bowling

gf 10 source

11.Jumbo Ker-Plunk

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