12 Creative DIY Projects That You Can Make Under 50 $

We all have limited budget and we all know how important is to have something useful but cheap. World Inside Pictures for today has made awesome collection of cheap DIY projects that will cost you under 50 $ but in the same way they are useful and looks fun. Check it below pick up one and do it for surprising your friends and family.

Build an Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber

1instructions via instructables.com

New Reading Bench

2instructions via wonderfullydomestic.blogspot.com


3instructions via blog.lulalouise.com

Crate Seats

4instructions via tupelohoneycaro.blogspot.com

Magnetic Memo Board and Tacks

5instructions via bhg.com

Kitty Corner Cat Play House

6instructions via lowes.com

Make Hanging Glass Lanterns

7instructions via lowes.com

DIY Dining Table

8instructions via smallbusinessbillionaire.com

Kids Craft Storage Solution For Under 50 $

9instructions via handmadecharlotte.com

Light Up Your Party with LED Balloons

10instructions via brit.co

Spray Paint Silhouette Botanical Art

11instructions via homejelly.com

Rolling Coat Rack

12instructions via designsponge.com

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