12 Genius, Life-Changing Ways To Use Ordinary, Everyday Objects

Hey folks we are now sharing with you very effective and totally ingenious ways to use everyday objects. All these ideas are so cool and useful and they are real time savers and could change your life. You can make everything from emergencies supplies or substitutes to creative crafts and gifts with common household items and a little creativity. Check this proves that everyday objects can be used in a multitude of ways other than those originally intended. Enjoy!

1.Succulent planters from wine corks

fg 1 source

2.Newspaper as Refrigerator Odor Absorber


3.Use a cereal container as a trash can

fg 3 source

4.Shower cap second use. Pack up!

fg 4source

5.Light Candles With Dry Spaghetti

fg 5 source

6.Use a rubber band to create the perfect French Manicure

fg 6 source

7.Vodka And Sugar To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

fg 7 source

8.Clean Mirror After Shower

fg 8 source

9.To open a sealed-tight jar use a spoon

fg 9 source

10.To cute soft cakes and cheeses use dental floss (unscented).

fg 10 source

11.Amplify the volume of your iPhone or iPod by placing it in a bowl

fg 11 source

12.Use a can opener to open sealed plastic packaging

fg 12 source

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