15 Great And Absolutely The Best Cleaning Hacks Of All The Time

These are must know cleaning hacks that every homeowner must know.
Cleaning can be much more easier from now. Natural solutions, time saving hacks and genius hard stain removers.
Watch below and enjoy!

1.Use a pack of lemon or orange Kool-Aid to scrub away stains in a toilet

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2.Dust canvas paintings or stucco with bread heels.

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3.Get rid of all the dust in your bathroom’s exhaust fan with compressed air.

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4.Remove hard water deposits from your showerhead by soaking it in vinegar for 15 minutes.

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5.Vinegar can also clean windows…

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6.…and garbage disposals. Freeze lemon slices in vinegar cubes.

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7.Mineral oil can be used to wipe up oily kitchen surfaces.

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8.Get rid of soap scum on shower doors and sinks with cooking spray

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9.Wipe down mirrors with strong, brewed black tea.

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10.The citric acid in citrus Kool-Aid will help sanitize your dishwasher.

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11.Clean your shower curtain liner in the washing machine.

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12.Remove dust from baseboards with an old dryer sheet

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13.Scrub the tub with half a grapefruit dipped in salt

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14.For stainless steel appliances, use Bar Keepers Friend

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15.Dawn dish soap and warm water will help remove grease from kitchen cabinets.

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