15 Movie Mistakes You Definitely Didn’t Catch The First Time Around

I love movies and they are one of my best time spenders. When i watch the movie i’m completely off from the environment and i ‘ m in the move and i really enjoy in this. What about you? But my friend i have never noticed that there is some mistakes in the movie like some people on the internet that really noticed this and it is very interesting. Anyhow we are people and the editors of the movies are same like us and they can make some mistake sometimes and make additional fun. Take a look below what we choose for today and enjoy!

1.The Fast and The Furious: A self-cleaning car, I need this.

ta 1 source

2.Troy: That’s some advanced technology right there.

ta 2 source

3.Forrest Gump: Possessed Iron.

ta 3 source

4.Titanic: mole jumping.

ta 4 source

5.National Treasure: Did someone hit reverse on the vacuum again?

ta 5 source

6.Spider-Man: I need to hire that repair guy, quick work doesn’t even begin to describe it.

ta 6 source

7.P.S. I Love You: I just cannot decide what to wear today.

ta 7 source

8. Frozen: liquifying, it’s a super power.

ta 8 source

9.Man on Fire: now that was a season change.

ta 9 source

10.The Shining: speed eating.

ta 10 source

11.Cast Away: Wilson’s makeover.

ta 11 source

12.I Am Legend: Self-healing.

ta 12 source

13.American Pie: one of the only times double fisting could be the answer.

ta 13 source

14. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: someone is too concerned about their outfit.

ta 14 source

15.Gladiator: smuggling from the future.

ta 15 source

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