15 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

Dear friends being a woman is not easy. o be clear, women are in a constant state of struggle when it comes to integrating our femininity into this world. Sometimes it just cannot be done! And there are things that could happen only to a woman. Below you can see 15 photos that prove this. Enjoy!

1.The story of my hair products…

jy 1 source

2.The hair tie war scars on your wrist

jy 2 source

3.Tight and uncomfortable shoes.

jy 4 source

4.Such a waste of money! Very fragile stuff.

jy 5 source

5.Leaving your mark on everything

jy 6 source

6.Leaving your hair everywhere

jy 7 source

7.This seems unfair but probably necessary

jy 8 source

8.Not always being able to let your hair down.

jy 9 source

9.This is always awkward.

jy 11 source

10.Using your hand for experimenting

jy 12 source

11.Dealing with thick hair.

jy 13 source

12.Dreading to walk near any drain, ditch or dirt because this is what happens!

jy 14 source

13.The last hair tie is a precious, precious thing!

jy 15 source

14.Yeah, it LOOKS like a relaxing day.  Not even!

jy 16 source

15.Hence, the hair tie fiasco above!

jy 17 source

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