15 Truly Amazing Napkin Folding Ideas That Will Wake Up Your Creativity For This Christmas

Although many of you do not believe but folding the napkins can be truly art. You only need true and accurate instructions and sure a bit creativity will be welcome.
Through a few easy steps you can learn how to make a bow tie, heart, mini shirt, lotus flower … Also a lot Creative ideas for festive symbols such as Christmas trees.

Depending on how you are skillful hands, select a tutorial that take your beautification of the next family dinner or lunch.
And do not forget that exercise is the secret to perfection, do not give up if the first attempt fails.

1.DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Folding Tutorial

bd 1 source

2.Fleur De Lis

bd 2 source

3. DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Folding For Christmas

bd 3 source

4.Tootsie Roll Napkin Fold

bd 4 source

5.Bishop’s Hat Napkin Fold

bd 5 source

6.Folding a Napkin Into a Diamond Envelope

bd 6 source

7.Pinwheel Napkin Fold: Tablescape Ideas

bd 7 source

8.DIY Elegant Fan Napkin Folding tutorial

bd 8 source

9.DIY Ring Fan Napkin Folding Tutorial

bd 9 source

10.DIY Rose Flower Napkin Folding tutorial

bd 10 source

11.DIY Pendant/Diplomat Napkin Folding tutorial

bd 11 source

12.The Christmas Tree Fold

bd 12 source

13. The Elf Hat Napkin Fold

bd 13 source

14. Fall Leaf Napkin Fold Tutorial


15. The Bowtie Napkin Fold


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