16 Types of Sandals Favorites to wear now

Clothes off! Summer is up! Season of outdoor thinking, dining, walks and bare foots. Always in our minds when it comes to word about summer time, are the summer shoes and the endless variations of them. It is period of the year when we begin to review the wardrobes and to enter coolness, sweetness and freshness in our closet.  On one side the fashionable shoes are significant element of the each outfit, but on the other side in the summer hot and warm days we need comfortable shoes.  Summer season is ideal for sandals and shoes that are open, so the foots can breathe too. There is huge choice of alternatives and opportunities, something for everyone.

This summer season, sandals and slides are the irresistible pieces to add in, shoes you should have stocked in your closet.  Wealthy assortment of models, colors, heels and materials is available to buy. Depending on your own style and desire to wear, you can find modern sandals to combine in your everyday look, leisurely, sexy, romantic or feminine.

Look for inspiration through one of these 16 types of sandals favorites for this summer, you actually should walk in.

1. Hyper decorated sandals

sandals 1source

2. Metallic Heel Sandals

sandals 2source

3. Rainbow sandals

sandals 3source

4. Black elegance

sandals 4source 

5.Lace up sandals

sandals 5source

6.Slingback Sandal

sandals 6source

7. Platform sandals

sandals 7source

8. Boasting studs and buckles

sandlas 8source

9. Animal-print design

samdals 9source

10.Pretty Espadrilles

sandals 10source

11. Gladiator sandals

sandals 11source

12. Leaf embellished sandals

sandals 12source

13.Ankle-Strap Pumps

sandals 13source

14. Flat sandals

sandals 14source

15. Fawn Sandals

sandals 16source

16. Metallic sandals

sandals 17source


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