3 Slightly Unusual Places Where You Should Approach Women

When trying to meet new women, you may feel like a lot of the tried and tested places to meet them aren’t working. Either you’re at a bar or club, and the women aren’t quite the type you want to meet, or else you’re at work, and they simply aren’t in the mood to talk. We’ve put together five places where you can try to meet women that you might not have thought of.

  1. The Airport

The airport is a great place to meet people, although it may seem difficult until you’ve really tried. As you’re waiting in the lobby after checkout, you probably have at least an hour to chill and grab a drink before your flight if you’re the punctual type. This is the perfect time to strike up a conversation with someone. Often, they are going on a holiday and are already in a good mood and more open to talking to a stranger than usual. Also, you can pick your types quite easily – looking for a party girl? Find the group of ladies heading to Ibiza for a week of drinking and fun. Or maybe your ideal girl is the adventurous backpacking type? If she’s traveling on her own, she’s probably looking for some company or even a traveling companion. The airport is also a great way to screen people to find one that you’ll gel with – if you could never see yourself with someone who wants to stay in the country all their life, then someone already looking to explore the world is a great place to start. Using mobile apps to meet girls online – interracialdating.com – is also a good idea, as you’ll be getting a constant stream of new people to match with.

  1. The Gym

It’s a bit of a myth that you shouldn’t try to talk to people while they are at the gym. In reality, most people just pick the wrong time. Don’t approach someone while they are mid-way through a set of squats or in the middle of a 5k run, and clearly sweating and out of breath. Choose a moment when they are warming up or warming down, or when they are clearly not focusing on their workout. A move to definitely avoid, as a man, is to start trying to coach someone as if you know what you’re doing…even if you really do. This can come across as patronizing and unwarranted, if done without them asking you. Once you find your moment to go and make some small talk, you already have one thing in common to chat about! Similar to meeting a girl while traveling, if a healthy lifestyle is important to you, then this is a great way to find someone with similar interests and goals.

  1. The Store

You’ll be going every week most likely, but are you really looking at the people around you when doing your food shopping? This is a great, low-risk place to make some friendly small talk with someone and get a number. When you’re at a bar or club, every girl will be waiting for guys to hit on them, but at the store, you’ll both have your guard down and more likely to be yourselves.

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