5 Life-Changing Tips To Keep Your Phone’s Battery Healthy

Hello everyone. With the new era of smartphones we all have one common problem – with the battery. Im always searching the best tips and trick how to keep my phone’s battery healthy. It is not the end of the world if you don’t unplug your phone the second that it is charged. we are sure that you have hear a lot of different stories how to keep your battery last longer and now we want to share with you these 8 really smart tips that will definitely save your phone’s battery. Enjoy!

phone baterry

1. Yes, you can leave your phone plugged in overnight

Leaving your phone on the charger all night (or all day) is far better for your battery than running it down and charging it up.

2. Charge a little bit whenever you can.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t respond well to being charged all the way up and then run all the way down. They take much better to little bits of charge here and there.

3. Keep your batteries cool

Make sure you don’t leave your phone in a hot car all day. Try to avoid wireless charging if you can, because the waste-heat those chargers generate will also bake your battery. Also, beware of quick chargers. Always charge your phone in  cool dry place.

4, Store batteries with a little bit of charge

If you’re storing batteries, you give them about a half a charge first. They’ll slowly lose their charge over time, and if it drops into the true-zero danger zone, your battery will automatically trip its safety circuit and kill itself for real before it can become unstable.

5. Don’t let your battery rule your life

1432908689-syn-27-1432666691-6997580445-1e5bff6e1c-kIt is easy to provide a battery care if you just accept the rules and make it as your everyday ritual. Don’t go all the way from full to empty if you can avoid it and minimize the exposure to heat as best you can — you’ll be fine.

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