8 Resume Writing Tips for Your Fashion Career


When you have to compose a resume for your fashion business, it is crucial to make it stand out even if you are going to certain style extremes, which is acceptable if one considers that you follow a certain trend and the factors that reflect your creative vision. While your resume must show all the necessary information and the contact details, doing it for your fashion must be a bit different style-wise because otherwise, it will turn into a dry list of facts that talk about your fashion shows and education. The trick is to keep people interested and inspired as they encounter your personality.

  1. Think about your resume design if it is online or in print. While it does not have to be overly flashy, it must be recognizable, which means that you can use your logo at the top with the color scheme that will reflect your vision and the product line. Think about the interplay of capital and lowercase letters to make certain elements stand out. It has to be visually-attractive but not confusing because any person reading through your resume will have to connect to the content first of all!
  2. Consider not only your professional skills alone but mention so-called soft skills and cooperation details. While you may be a great fashion designer, it is your attitude to cooperation and ability to listen to people that also play a vital role. Therefore, your resume must not be a dry list of chronological facts. While your achievements are important, you should also mention the ways how things have been made possible and what qualities have helped you to win and cooperate.
  3. Keep things simple and clear enough for your potential clients. When you mention your achievements or discuss your education, keep it simple and do not provide any information that can be easily looked up online like telling about your university or the benefits of the course that you have passed. The trick is to talk about your skills by telling about what you have learned and how it has helped you to start a certain project. Try to read each line aloud to see whether it tells enough about your professional background.
  4. List your benefits by acting exactly as if you were trying to sell your skills. It is exactly how marketing works because it is why your resume is here in the first place. It has to sound like an advertisement to a certain degree where you promote yourself and talk about how your knowledge and advantages can help someone achieve success. You can provide examples by turning to your experience or act as an explainer, which will make your resume accessible for those people who are not primarily dealing with the fashion industry. Even though you are only limited to the text content, think about writing in an explanatory tone.
  5. Make sure to provide readable fonts and colors without overfilling it with information. Keep your fonts classic and avoid italics without strong necessity. You can alternate between font size and the bold fonts if you would like to highlight certain parts but always follow the same scheme if you do. Try to use only 2-3 colors without making your resume look like a rainbow. For example, you can use one color to describe your education, another to highlight your gained skills, and the other color to talk about your unique benefits.
  6. Provide your social media pages and contact information. Since we are dealing with the fashion industry, the presence of your Instagram and Facebook pages will always help your potential customers and various fashion agencies see you in practice and learn more about your communication skills. In a certain sense, your social media presence is the continuation of your resume, which is why it is important to provide your visitors with appropriate videos and posts that advertise your skills and show that you are always professional when dealing with your customers.
  7. Make a strong conclusion with a thesis statement that represents your strongest point. Even though it is not the first part that an average person might read, the practice shows that the majority of HR managers take a look at the final part of your resume to see your contact information. If you include something unique and striking in your resume that makes you stand out, it is a great chance to get noticed and remain in a person’s mind even when the resume has been looked through. As an example, you can mention your special award or the promotion trick that has helped you achieve success, or talk about the international branches that you have created with the help of the clever localization of your data.
  8. Proofread and edit your resume for grammar mistakes, spelling, and style. Most importantly, it should not contain repetitions or typos. You must double-check the links and numbers to avoid any mistakes. Regarding your style, consider turning to professional resume writers by learning more about available services and choosing the ones that fit your needs and professional objectives. The key is to discuss things and make your resume reflect your personality. You can work with the various templates and try out the different writing styles by weighing in various aspects that help you tell as much as you see necessary.

How Should I Design My Resume?


It is only natural to think that the use of fancy fonts and the different colors will boost your resume’s success, which is not entirely true because a person looking at your resume will focus on the text content and the clarity of your presentation, not the way how your Photoshop or any other graphic editor skills shine. It is the case where simplicity matters because it makes you sound like a confident and determined person. It must be stylish and memorable, which is why the first paragraph (coming after your name) must have a special hook that will inspire just like a good book!

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