Amazing Tip: 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Many of us always looking a good way how to save some money. The reason of saving money can be different for example you want to go and ski on your lovely mountain or you like to go on a perfect summer vacation, or simply you like to make a cute surprise to your kids e.t.c.
We have searched on the web for you  and we have found one simple idea that really works. An idea that is ideal definitely for all of you and you should start using this right now.

Each week of the year, you save that much in dollars. So week one you save $1.00 and week 52 you save $52.00. Simple, right?! All you need is first of all wish for saving money( we are sure that all of you have it) than you will need a jar; a piece of white paper;a ruler and a marker (or) a printed template; a pair of scissors; transparent tape;.

So you can start so make your saving table alone or simply you just could print it from the source. The process is very easy, but the creativity of the result is what will keep you saving money as much as 1400 $ after a year.

52 Week Money Challenge




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