A Guide to Motorcycle Accidents Claims

Though the occurrence of motorcycle accidents has slightly reduced, they are still quite common. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges motorcyclists and drivers to uphold the traffic rules because motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to road accidents than drivers.  Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous, and the damages are also harder to claim. If you have been in a …

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Edible Coffee Cups Made Of Oats And Grains By Good Edi

We all love to take a walk outside and take our coffees with us, don’t we? But did you know that 16 billions of disposable coffee cups are used each year? Although you may think that they are paper and eco-friendly, they are in fact layered with plastic on the inside and use plastic lids. What’s more, not only that …

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How Long Does a Propane Water Heater Last?

Most people when choosing water heaters are extremely interested in price matter. They look for affordable options, units with minimal maintenance, as well as eco-friendly perks. At the same time, there are those buyers who want to get the systems that will serve them long with the help of finding a contractor. A propane hot water heater is one of …

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Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians: What Are the Legal Implications?

Car accidents can have devastating consequences. What is most scary is that you don’t even need to have a driver’s license to get involved in a car accident because pedestrians are the most common victims. Since such an accident can have profound repercussions on the lives of everyone involved, understanding the legal implications is critical. And by knowing your rights …

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What was Google’s original logo?

Many companies and brands that we know today have iconic names and logos, so much so that you can recognize them at a glimpse or visualize their logo when their name is uttered. However, most of these companies have gone through a long process of innovation and evolution before they came to be known for the brand they are today. …

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Up and Coming Yacht Designers: Michael Leach, RWD and Lateral

Within the yachting industry, names such as Jon Bannenberg, Tim Heywood, Andrew Winch and Terence Disdale need no introduction. Iconic, celebrated and leading yacht designers in their own right, each has created ground-breaking designs that have gone on to win awards and yachting fans and enthusiasts around the world. However, over the last years, a new wave of yacht designers …

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What You Should Consider When Seeking a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were recently involved in a car accident, you likely feel as though you have a million things to do. But before you can move forward with anything, even filing a claim against the liable party, you need to hire an attorney to represent you in the upcoming proceedings. This will ensure you’re well protected against the insurance company …

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Wedding Anniversary Bouquet

How to Make the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Bouquet

Every anniversary is a treasured milestone for a couple. After the excitement of getting to know one another, the engagement, the wedding, and the honeymoon, life returns to normal. While in some marriages, love changes from that over-the-top infatuation to a mature, more profound feeling; other times we get caught up in everyday troubles and forget why we married our …

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house at auction with a mortgage

Can you buy a house at auction with a mortgage?

The simple answer to this question is yes. It is possible to purchase a house at an auction with a mortgage. This means you should be looking at what the auction houses have to offer as well as your local real estate agents. However, before you rush to your local auctioneer, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the …

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Functions of Business Intelligence

Common Functions of Business Intelligence

The modern world’s business environment is very dynamic—there are plenty of opportunities and an equal share of challenges. Business intelligence (BI) bridges the gap between them to help you attain the status you desire. Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the various methodologies, technologies, processes, and architectures that transform raw data into actionable insights businesses can leverage for informed decision making. …

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