Creative Ideas For Covid-19 Weddings That Will Keep You Safe

These uncertain times are really difficult for everyone and they have changed all of our plans in a big way. Are you one of those couples who planned their wedding and postponed it due to the coronavirus? Or did you maybe get engaged in the meantime and you are about to tie the knot but you aren’t sure whether you should do it? Covid-19 weddings are definitely tricky.

The first things that you should do as a couple is to make a decision whether you want to wait and have your wedding when everything will be back to normal (you may have to wait a while for this), or come to terms with the new situation and have a small wedding with all the rules and regulations. And remember, before making any plans you should check the regulations that your country has provided about these kinds of events. Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic is a real challenge, but these creative ideas will get you in the mood despite everything. Check them out! Don’t miss the spring wedding decorations that may inspire you as well!

Livestream Your Covid-19 Wedding

More and more couples decide to Livestream their wedding ceremony due to various reasons. This is a good way to protect the elder people or those who are at risk by not putting them together with a larger group, so you may decide to Livestream it just for them, or you can Livestream it for all the guests. Traveling from one country to another is also made more difficult, so this can be an option for all of those guests who are unable to attend the wedding in person.

If you have decided to live stream the ceremony, then you should do some careful planning and organization because having your aunt streaming it from her phone won’t do the job. Make sure you take this digital approach right by setting several cameras to different angles. In this way, it will surely be more special and memorable. Send your guests a bottle of champagne and favors to set the tone and get them into the wedding vibe.

covid 19 wedding guidelines

Add Hand Sanitizing Stations

Wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing are the three things that everyone should adhere to if they want to keep them and the rest of the guests safe. Provide stylish hand sanitizing stations at different spots of the wedding venue, so everyone can reach them easily. You can still have fun with the decorations and make all of these necessary things fit with the rest of the theme and the setting.

creative covid wedding ideas

Creative Signs For Covid-19 Weddings

And while wedding signs had a “love” message or a welcome note in the recent past, now they have changed as well. You will spot some humorous messages which advise everyone to keep safe, maintain a social difference and try not to spread germs. The signs for Covid-19 weddings have gotten super creative and they will make you laugh while reminding you to respect the rules at this social gathering. There is an abundance of designs that you can choose from. Personally, I love all of them!

covid wedding reception
covid 19 wedding reception ideas
covid 19 wedding signs ideas
covid 19 wedding welcome sign
covid 19 wedding ceremony ideas

Provide Modern COVID-19 Wedding Enclosure Card Printables

These enclosure card printables are an easy and nice way to inform all of your guests about the safety precautions that are going to be taken during your big day. Print them and give them to each guest as soon as they arrive at your wedding.

covid 19 wedding guidelines for guests

Socially-Distanced Seating

Planning the seating arrangement is of crucial importance for pandemic weddings. It’s best for each guest to have a separate chair in order to keep social distance. If that’s not possible, make sure you group members of families and households together. Try not to mix them up with other people in order to make them feel safe and happy. In this way, they will be comfortable attending your wedding while being safe together with their families.

social distance wedding

Social Distancing Wristbands For Covid-19 Weddings

Not everyone is feeling the same about this coronavirus situation. And although guests have decided to attend your wedding, they are not at the same comfort level as the rest of the people. These social distancing wristbands will give everyone the possibility to choose to wear red, yellow, or green wristbands and avoid any awkward situations.

coronavirus wedding wristbands

Covid-19 Weddings Photographing Ideas

Don’t you just love the group photograph of the groom and bride and all of the guests? If you thought that that’s not possible during the Covid-19 weddings, you are totally wrong. Here’s a group photograph of a live stream wedding that has just made my heart pound.

covid 19 wedding photographs

If you can’t wait any longer to say “I do”, follow the safety precautions, recreate some of the ideas that you saw here, and make your “dream” wedding come true in a little bit modified way.

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