10 Highest Mountains In The World

There is nothing more imposing than the view to the highest mountains in the world. Their grace is breathtaking. These 10 giants are eternal dream of all climbers and adventurers worldwide. Expeditions that are organized for reaching these life threatening areas are long and cost a small fortune. Only a handful of people are blessed enough to witness them in their lifetime.

All of these mountains are located in Asia, thanks to the huge Himalaya and Karakoram rages. The most famous of all are, of course the Earth’s roof, the invincible Mount Everest and the second tallest rocky Mount Godwin Austen (or commonly known as K2). But fool yourself not, since the other 8 peaks are not less exciting and magnificent then the highest first two. We have gather you the top 10 highest mountains in the world in one place. If you have an untamable and free spirit, scroll down and chose your first peak to conquer. Get in top of the world!

10. Annapurna

These mountain is the smallest among the giants, “only” 8091 m above sea level high. It is situated in Nepal.


9. Nanga Parbat

These Himalayan beauty is 8126 m above sea level high. It is located in Pakistan. Source

8. Manaslu

Manaslu is located in Nepal, and with 8163 m above sea level high, is only 4 m lower than the 7th highest peak in the world.


7. Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri, 8167 m above sea level high, is the 7th in the world, also located in Nepal.


6. Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu or the “Turquoise Goddess”, is 8188 m above sea level high, and is on Border of Nepal and Tibet (China).


5. Makalu

Makalu is about 16 km southeast of Mount Everest, near the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). It is 8485 m above sea level high.


4. Lhotse

Lhotse, with 8516 m above sea level high, is fourth highest mountain in the world. It is located on the borders of Nepal and Tibet.


3. Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga is another neighbor of Mount Everest, located about 161km east of the tallest world’s peak. It is 8586 m above sea level high and stands tall on the border of Nepal and India.


2. K2

K2 or also known as Mount Godwin Austen and Dapsang, or locally goes by the name of “Chogo Ri” meaning “The Great Mountain” is 8611 m above sea level high and is located on the border of Pakistan and China.


1. Mount Everest

Finally, Mount Everest or Chomolungma (Mother Goddess of the world) as called by the Tibetans, is the world’s tallest mountain with 8848 m above sea level high. Is located on the border of Nepal and China.


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