Here Are Top 8 Immediate Care Aid That Will Help to Ease The Pain

Out of all the issues concerning the body, one of the most common ones remains body aches and pains. Gone are the days when it was a common problem among the old age group.

Nowadays, the current lifestyle has led to a large number of youngsters suffering from a similar dilemma. Some of these changes include less physical activity, improper diet, irregular sleeping habits, and more.

Top 8 Immediate Care Aids to Ease Pain

With time, the pain can become more exaggerated and lead to some serious health problems. It can also affect your day-to-day life. Thus, it is always better to manage it beforehand so that the body does not suffer from any adverse effects in the long run.

Here, we are going to mention the best care aids that will help to lower your pain effectively.

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the oldest remedies when it comes to pain or aches. This amazing herb has anti-inflammatory effects that ease pain and provide relief.

However, it’s not recommended for people suffering from conditions like peptic ulcers. In such cases, ginger can irritate the stomach lining and worsen the ailment.

Consumption Procedure

  • Add 4 cups of water and boil it
  • Once the water gets warm, add 2 tbsp grated ginger
  • Wait for the ginger to get incorporated in the water
  • Strain it after 10 minutes
  • Let it sit and cool down
  • Add lemon or honey to taste
  • Drink throughout the day for pain relief

2. Cinnamon

Next on the list, we have another common spice found in almost every household kitchen. That’s cinnamon. Cinnamon is already famous for its promising results for diabetes.

Apart from that, it is also useful for aches and pains. It has anti-inflammatory properties to provide relief from painful episodes. Besides, it is also appropriate for other parts of your body.

Consumption Procedure

  • Take one glass of warm water
  • Add 1 tsp cinnamon to it
  • Mix it well
  • Add some honey or lemon to taste

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is quite common among people for weight loss. Many people have incorporated it into their daily life to keep them active. However, it is also great for body pain.

That’s because it holds antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people claim it to be a miracle cure for pain.

Consumption Procedure

  • Take one glass of warm water
  • Add 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Consume it twice a day for 2-3 days

For an added flavor, you can mix honey in it. The sweet nectar can enhance the taste of the drink.

As an additional remedy, you can include 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and warm water. After that, use it for relaxing baths as the mixture can soothe the pain.

4. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is another helpful remedy that has been used for ages to treat different ailments. Out of its many benefits, the oil is beneficial for aches as well. Get yourself a warm massage from mildly warm mustard oil.

After the massage, let the body soak in the oil for 30 minutes. Once done, you can use warm water to wash the area. Mustard oil helps to give strength to the body as well.

Thus, using it daily can benefit you in several ways. You can get a massage once in a day to eliminate body pain.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is considered one of the best options for numerous diseases in today’s time. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but it also supports the immune system to provide you with much-needed body immunity.

Incorporating turmeric powder in your daily life can keep you active throughout the day. It is also helpful for people who suffer from sleep problems.

Just one glass of turmeric milk can get you a good night’s rest. Apart from that, turmeric is an outstanding remedy to eliminate any type of body pain.

Consumption Procedure

  • Take a cup of milk and add 1 tsp turmeric
  • Mix and let it cool a bit
  • Once done, give it a stir
  • Add honey to taste (optional)

6. Cherry

Consuming cherry juice is a great way to get rid of those never-ending body aches. It is one of the best remedies to provide relief from muscle pain, peripheral neuropathy, and inflammation.

Adding it to your daily diet can surely help to get rid of body pain. Make sure to try unsweetened juice instead of the sweetened one.

7. Bananas

Rich in potassium, this tasty fruit is a lesser-known alternative in treating body pain. Generally, most pain and body ache happens due to potassium deficiency.

Therefore, consuming bananas is a great way to make up for the problem. Besides, do remember to exercise and keep yourself energetic. Try to eat 2 bananas each day for the best results.

8. Daily Vitamins

Lastly, make sure to consume the vitamins that your body lacks. There can be various reasons for body pains. It can be a result of deficiency of Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, or Vitamin E.

Thus, including vitamin-rich foods like almonds, apples, carrots, spinach, apricots, etc. can be an efficient step to get rid of aches. You can also take supplements but only post consulting experienced healthcare professionals.


It is important to note that these natural remedies are not the replacement for your pain medicine. Thus, if you are on any medication, do not discontinue it without the doctor’s advice. Always talk to your doctor before incorporating any natural remedy into your daily routine.

That’s because there can be drug contradictions with the medicines you take. Thus, always talk to your doctor before including any supplements or natural remedies. Apart from that, if the pain gets intense, consult your doctor immediately.


So these were some methods that can help to ease pain and aches. However, along with this, it is important to make some lifestyle changes. Make sure to eat healthily, sleep for 8 hours minimum, and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Also, try to include warm baths and meditation into your life. We hope you got enough knowledge regarding some magnificent remedies to ease the pain.

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