He’s Sick Of his Popcorn Ceiling. When He Tapes This Onto His Vacuum? Genius It Works Like Magic

Popcorn ceiling has been a trend from the 80s but the most interesting thing is that there are still some homes that still have these old school ceilings, but with time our preferences change, and sprucing up the place might mean getting rid of the retro ceiling.

Probably many homeowner have not make this decision because they do not found the right way and also they do not want to affect their budget. But now we want to share their ultra genius trick. Aaron Rollins provides a way for you to do it quickly and cleanly.

All you have to do is spray your popcorn ceiling with water. Grab a 6-inch spackle knife and duct tape it to the end of your shop vacuum. The spackle knife easily scrapes off the popcorn ceiling, while the vacuum quickly sucks in the debris. This will save you a whole lot of time and mess!

Watch the video below

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Gary Mustain
Gary Mustain
6 years ago

Just one little problem. In the 70’s and 80’s popcorn ceilings very often contained ASBESTOS. You should always get it tested before scraping as scraping will release the fibers into the air and that is when they become dangerous. I cringe every time I see a DIY show or read an article like this about scraping “popcorn” off the ceiling in an older home that does not contain the warning that popcorn ceilings often contain ASBESTOS.

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