9 Surprisngly Amazing Baking Soda Uses

We’ve all heard of baking soda. Every household has a baking soda and it has multiple uses. It is used in cooking as a means of raising the dough, in treatment, more precisely as a dietary supplement in therapies for various diseases, but also as a means of cleaning and maintaining space hygiene, disinfecting and bleaching clothes, etc. So, there is a wide range of effects of this magic powder, called baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.  We have shared with you some ultra amazing baking soda uses and we have told you that this is probably the most amazing product ever invented in our life.

This product has hundreds of uses and it is so effective that will impress you with every new use that you will learn. The most important is that it is all natural and  cheap. So, everything you do with baking soda is on a budget. Below you can learn some new and very useful baking soda uses.

New Ingenious Baking Soda Uses

Baking soda is a compound obtained by a special process called the Solvay process, and is obtained by introducing CO2 into sodium salt compounds. Many food products contain baking soda in their composition. For example, is used in the baking as lifting agent and as an antacid. Antacids are agents used to suppress excess stomach acid. Baking soda is an excellent and long-known medicine for the treatment of heartburn, ie increased secretion of stomach acid. Baking soda has very wide use. It is used for various purposes, from the food to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Most importantly, scientists have managed to prove over 70 different, and ingenious baking soda uses. The spectrum of its actions is wide, and the most important is certainly the one related to health. Beside his use as prevention, baking soda is also used as therapy or as a support or supplement. It can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients. With other ingredients, the action of baking soda can be even more noticeable and effective. Usually it is mixed with herbal teas, honey, lemon, ginger, essential oils, especially when it comes to treating fungi, etc. It is essential that every household always has a bag of baking soda on the shelf, as a rasult. You can buy it at pharmacies or health food stores.

Bellow we have a few ingenious hacks and uses that will really amaze you. Take a look and enjoy!

1.Use it to wash your dishwasher. After washing with vinegar, some baking soda will freshen it up and remove stains.

pf 1 source

2.Sprinkle baking soda on your couch to get rid of foul smells. Vacuum it off when you’re done.

pf 2 source

3. Do your nail polishes leave your nails a bit stained? Here’s a great way to whiten your nails!

pf 3 pf 4 source

4.Use it as a homemade goo remover. Gets off grease, stickers and more.

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5.Clean up that faucet or shower head effortlessly!

pf 6 source

6.Use the baking soda paste to clean off your dirty iron!

pf 7 source

7.Have a boy at your house? If so your bathroom might need this baking soda paste!

pf 8 source

8. Get that dirty sink looking clean once again with a little baking soda and some scrubbing!

pf 9 source

9.Baking soda also works great as a grease stain remover too!

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