His Local Government Refused A Garage Permit. What He Does Is GENIUS

If we have a huge wish to make something to create something i.e if we have a goal nothing can stop us to achieve it. We need to think a lot to be calm and to work.
The Belgian retired shop owner recently asked his local governing body for a permit to build a garage door. The permit was denied. But he doesn’t accept no as an answer and he used her creativity to make something genius.
So the man build his garage a clever way – from the outside it looks like a regular shop’s window. That’s a great example of out of the box thinking.. Take a look below what he did. Enjoy!







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Cezary Daniel Nowak
Cezary Daniel Nowak
6 years ago

Permission to build garage door? Belgium is sad, sad, bureaucratic country.

venezolanatrini .
venezolanatrini .
6 years ago

who the hell wants to go thru all that every time to take the car out. He should’ve made it automated for the front part to go in the ground and the slants to fall out automatically,cause all that bending down and pulling over is gonna give him a bad back eventually. smart idea though

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