How To “Skin A Watermelon”! An Easy Trick For The Most Surprising Party Ever

Hey everyone what was the first thing that came in your mind when you read the topic. Did you imagine the way that you could “skin the watermelon” maybe just take a knife and cut off the skin? Below is a cool video that could teach you the secret of “skinned” watermelon.
If you are invited or you made a party this could be awesome gift for everyone there. Start the game by bringing a whole skinned watermelon with its skin cut in half and trust me everyone there is going to wonder how you pulled it off.
Watch the video below and enjoy!

This is Rober’s “skinned” watermelon


Here is the complete video tutorial of this awesome party trick

Mark Rober

Take a watermelon and cut out the whole skin. To remove the edges, smooth it out with dish scrubbing pad

watermeloon 1source

Take a same sized watermelon, cut it in half and take all the contents out


Now, you have the shell. Put them all together and you have your awesome fruit trick you can bring to the party.

watermellon3 watermellon 5source

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8 years ago

What a waste of watermelon..

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