If You Have Ever Considered Getting Family Car Sticker. This Is What You Should Know Before

Everyone wants to be in trend and wants to have the latest trend in his life. And we people are so weird always when something become popular we keep going and going until everybody either has it or knows about it.
Probably you know what is the last most popular tcatchy thing amoung everyone, have you heard about little family stickers you put on the back of your car?


There are definitely too many stickers around and they are cute really. Maybe not all are cute but the most of them impressed me


The stickers can give more  than what people need to know

like the structure of your family. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show people what your family is like, but could be too much information?

They also show vulnerabilities. Maybe one of the biggest problem could be that the stickers are giving information that may leave you slightly vulnerable. People may be more likely to follow and attack a single mother who only has babies (maybe her hands are full with the baby), as opposed to a conventional family.
Also the situation with the soldier in the family is similar. For example if you show that someone in your family is a member of the military this maybe is a point of pride, but the problem is that it could make you a target for thieves. The reason is simple If someone is serving, it means they are away from home. And this is one adult less at the home.



The creators of the stickers Monica Liebenow and Phil Barham don’t agree with the above written and they immediately jump to the defense of their stickers. As they said the on-going success of the stickers is the proof that the stickers are harmless. In essence, the stickers may give away a lot of information, but will anyone really use it?


But anyhow the decsion to put the sticker on your car is yours and maybe they could give informations that maybe can harm you but also they could be without any real effect.
View more info on the video below

WYFF News 4

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