Jar- Most Used Thing For DIY Christmas Crafts

Coming up the winter holidays is definitely the most inspiring part of the year. Even if we do not intend to be creative just the atmosphere of coming Christmas and the New year is something that direct us to constantly décor our homes, and making us creative in taking the old things and turning them into beautiful Christmas decorations.
So, if you have stored any jars during the past months, we are suggesting you how to transform them into beautiful Christmas crafts that definitely will attract a lot of attention.

You can use the jars for making decorative candles that will make a romantic festive atmosphere in your home. Also, you can use the jars for making decorations in Christmas motives, such as Santa, snowman and Christmas trees. The inspirations are unlimited, depending on what kind of jars you have, the decoration can be different. See the photos below, get inspired, and go to find some old jars from your basement.Enjoy.

fg-1 source

fg-2 source

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