Must-See DIY Project: From Pallets To Floor, The Art Of Wood Flooring

If you are in a mood of doing some unique home refreshments than we want to suggest you one extremely amazing DIY project. DIY pallet furniture is becoming more and more attractive nowadays and the final products are very amazing very unique and give to your home a specific warmth.
For your next home refreshment we would like to suggest you DIY Pallet Wood Floor.
It might look like a lot of effort and work at first, but the result is worth it. It takes a bit of adjusting and finishing the rough form of the boards, but after the installation your room will be truly transformed. Check out the color variation the final floor has. It is quite impressive! Definitely a project worth stockpiling wooden pallets for. Follow the tutorial provided and make your own this is the coolest spent time ever.


First when you find pallets you need to remove every nail heads. Each required back punching and then pulling.


After, all the boards were ready to be taken to be machined down

4source 5source 6source

Stacked to acclimatize


This is how the room looks before


Laying the first board on the subfloor

9source 10source 11source

Dining room done and sanded


Semi gloss finish done

13source 14source 15source 16source

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