Seven Foods That Should Never Be Stored In The Fridge

We all know that fresh foods, especially fresh vegetables and fruits are the best choice to eat every day. But, sometimes there are foods that can’t be eaten in a day so it is necessary  to store the foods in the fridge and eat them latter. There are a wide range of foods that can be stored in the refrigerator, but there also a lot of them that should never be kept there.  In this post we are presenting you seven foods that should never be stored in the fridge, because that way they lose their flavor and are not appropriate to eat. Read them and stop keeping them in the refrigerator anymore if you have done it until now.

1. Bananas

Bananas are one of those fruits that you should never store in the fridge. By placing it in the fridge their peel turns brown and their ripening process slows down.


2. Bread

So many people place the bread in the fridge when they can’t eat whole and that is so wrong. First, the bread will dry out when places in the fridge. And it will go stale if kept cold in the fridge. So, avoid to store the bread in the fridge unless you want to toast it before eating it latter.



3. Honey

When put in cold honey crystallizes and becomes as hard as a rock.  So, if you want it to be syrupy, smooth and slick you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge.


4. Nuts

Placing nuts in the refrigerator can take away much of the flavors nuts contain. It will make them taste dull and boring. The fridge is definitely not the best environment for nuts so place them in it never.


5. Nutella cream

One of the most favorite breakfast ingredients for all generations, nutella should not be kept in the fridge either. When you place it on cold it becomes less spreadable and loses much of its chocolate flavor.


6. Pickles

Pickles because of the rich amount of vinegar can last years before opening. But once you open them it is better idea to finish them all than to store them in the fridge.


7. Tomatos

If you are storing tomatoes in the fridge than you are doing something wrong. Tomatoes lose their flavor when kept in the fridge; the molecules in them break down leaving them grainy. That is why it is best to eat them fresh.



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