Why You Need a Wedding Website

You’re recently (or maybe not so recently) engaged and ready to start planning your wedding. Congrats! It’s a big step. But perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, wondering how and where to start the wedding planning process. Well, you’re not alone.

Wedding websites are the perfect solution for keeping track of all your day’s important details for you and your guests. Sound good? Then keep reading to learn the simplest ways to plan and create your dream wedding website in mere moments.

Step 1: Create an Outline

First, you’ll want to sketch out and create a quick outline. Your outline doesn’t have to be perfect (for now); it just has to give you a sense of the direction you want to head in with your wedding website.

A key piece here is to make sure the wedding website platform you choose allows you to switch up the look and feel of your site if you do change your mind midway through. So, what exactly should you include on your wedding website? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Welcome message
  • Story of how you met
  • Wedding details (time, date, location, venue, etc.)
  • Online RSVP forms
  • Wedding registries
  • Travel information and hotel accommodations

While the above are certainly must-haves, some optional sections might include the bios of your wedding party, sightseeing suggestions and a photo gallery of the soon-to-be bride and groom.

And, as a bonus, deciding which sections you’ll want to include on your website can help you organize everything that needs to get checked off before sending out the final wedding invitations.

Now that you have your outline locked down, let’s move on to the next step. The fun step, if you will.

Step 2: Design It

Florals. Muted colors. Romantic images. Modern lines. The list of theme possibilities is endless, or at least it should be, so let your creative process roll and have fun with the website’s design.

Insider tip: Find a wedding website platform that offers you choices. After all, you want your site to be a reflection of you and your partner. Some sites offer artist-created themes that are customizable in color and layout, as well as matching invitations, thank you cards, menus and more.

Want to level up your site? Pick a platform that offers to match you with a designer who will create a custom website from scratch and watch your dreams come to life.

Step 3: Write Your Wedding Website Story

This step is also where you’ll want to get writing if you’re including sections like “How We Met” or “Bridal Party Bios” that were discussed in the step above.

Insider tip: Write these as if you were telling your friend the story. Whether that’s short and sweet or waxing poetic, you want these sections to come off as genuine and not forced.

Step 4: Keep Your Website Fresh

Update and don’t wait! Listen: wedding planning can get all-consuming and put you in a place where it’s hard to stop and do the smaller tasks. But remember, your wedding website is a gift to you and your guests, as long as you stop now and again to update it.

That includes event times, location changes or even adding a sweet thank you note and photos after the celebration. Keeping your site current keeps guests’ questions answered and gives you more free time since you won’t have to individually answer the same text message 15 times.

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