She Paints A Key White. When You Will See The Result You Will Want To Try Immediately For Upcoming Christmas

The Christmas holiday or right in the corner and the celebration could not start without appropriate decoration and ornaments. The christmas tree is always the main symbol for christmas and sure the presents and gifts always bring the happy and euphoric atmosphere around. I can feel the christmas mood everywhere. If you have decided to go and buy some new and cool decorations and ornaments for the upcoming christmas that stop and first check below and grab these unique idea and make awesome surprise to your loved ones. Check this genius DIY ideas how to upcycle everyday items into darling christmas ornaments. Easy and so creative ways to turn tossable junk into priceless holiday decorations. Enjoy!

1.Puzzle Pieces Tree Or Wreath

Find the puzzle pieces you want to use and get gluing into your favorite holiday shape. Green paint and sparkles turn this tree merry and bright


The Christmas Three


Wreath from puzzles


2.Fun & Easy DIY Ornament: Vintage Toy Car & Christmas Tree

The old Hot Wheels cars you’re constantly stepping on in your child’s room will work great than find your three and glue the tree onto the top of the car and wrap it all in twine or yarn

bb 2 source


3.How to Decorate Mini-Champagne Bottles With Glitter

These mini champagne bottles are transformed with some simple glue and glitter

bb 3 source

4.Honeycomb Ornaments from Vintage Book Pages

With an old book and a bit of glue, the writer’s words will make your Christmas tree speak to guests

bb 4 source

5.Mini Wreath Tutorial

bb 5 source

6.Scrabble Ornaments and a Christmas Collaboration

bb 6 source

7.A Tree for Every Room: Easy Holiday Tabletop Trees

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8.{light bulb} snowman ornament {tutorial} & handmade Christmas ornament link up

bb 8 source

9.Recycled handmade Angel Christmas ornament

bb 9 source


Simply paint the keys with flat white paint. Than use pipe cleaners, markers, glitter, yarn and anything else you may have laying around in your craft room to bring your key snowmen to life


bb 10 source

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes

Great for kids. And super easy, too! Cut off the bottom of sturdy water or soda bottles and see as they form “snowflakes


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