She Sprays Her Old Toys With Golden Paint. When You See The Result. You Will Want Try This ASAP

Probably all of you somewhere still keep your toys or toys from your kids that are now a bit older. Searching on the net we found one really clever and fun, super easy video tutorial that brings once-discarded toys back to life in the most amazing way. We are 100% sure that you will adore this cool DIY project and that you will want to make it immediately. By the way repurposing your old household item can be so fan and also useful action, it will save you some space but in the same time you will create something useful for your home.
In the video below you will see how she creates one great decorative DIY lamp that will fits in any interior.

For this cool DIY lamp you will need :

spray paint( it will be better if you use first white spray and than use gold), x-acto knife for cleanup and trimming,
fine grit sandpaper
E6000 glue, (the only type I recommend)
super glue of choice
painter’s tape
lamp (must be skinny and tall for best results)

spray paintsource
She begins the video by gluing her childhood plastic play-things to the post of her lamp.After she finished with this creative gluing she paint the toys with a gold paint and when we saw this was the most amazing DIY lamp ever. Watch the full video below and enjoy in this creative DIY project.


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