She Throws A Ball Of Tin Foil In Her Laundry? The Reason? Absolutely Incredible!

When it comes about the laundry day i just can say that this was so bored process for me and this is definitely one of those chores most of us loathe. The struggles that i have always when it comes the laundry day was my inspiration to find the easiest ways. I m so happy to share what i found and i can say that these hacks are amazing and they help me so much. The girls from What’s Up Moms has compiled some amazing laundry hacks to keep you fresh and clean.
Some of them are
Clothespin a small mesh bag to your hamper to avoid losing socks. Toss the whole bag into the washer.
Secure old toy vehicles to the bottom of a hamper to make it easy for you or your kids to push around.
Use a dry-erase marker on your machine to remind you what items should be excluded from the dryer.
Keep detergent in clear wall-mounted soap dispensers to keep out of kids reach and for attractive storage.

Check the full list and tutorial below and learn them these are so helpful tips that everyone should know. Enjoy!


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