Interesitng DIY Wine Glasses You Must See

When it comes to enjoying a nice glass of wine, a simple glass will usually do. One special occasions and holidays, however, sometimes it’s nice to use glasses that are a little bit fancier or have more of a personal touch. The best way to customized things and make them more personal, however, is to make them yourself! One of the best ways to decorate your wine glasses is to paint them. It is a great way to bring out your own unique artistic touch, and add a splash of color to any stemware. You can put as much or as little paint on your wine glasses as you want, whether you are just adding a design or a layer of solid color. DIY wine glasses is always good idea, when you want to enter something new and refreshing without spending money!

Decorative glasses are a very decorative detail made using the glass painting technique. Glass painting is becoming more and more popular, especially among people who want to give the objects in their home a special look. And not only that, a mini-masterpiece like this, can be a perfect gift for any friend or relative. Decorative glasses can be painted for a festive occasion such as celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and the like. You can express your creativity, by painting the glasses that you will use every day or maybe wine glasses, or champagne glasses.

Step By Step How To Decorate DIY Wine Glasses

Glasses can be painted in various ways. The easiest example of glass painting shows you a solemnly painted, rich glass. You can use it for drinks, but it can also be used as a candle holder. The material you need for this:

clean glass,
contour colors,
paints for painting glass,

If you wish, you can also use templates to outline individual details if you are not skilled in freehand painting.

The process of decorating wine glasses

Wash the desired glass well and dry it. On the outside, draw the shapes you want on it with a thin felt-tip pen. After that, take the contour color and draw the contour lines of those shapes. Place the glass in an oven heated to 160 C and bake for about 40 minutes. After that, start filling in the drawn shapes with paint. Depending on whether you want to get thicker and thinner lines per glass, use brushes of different thicknesses. When you have finished painting, put the glass back into the heated oven at 160 C and bake for about 40 minutes so that the paint does not rub off.

Other examples for your inspiration

Glass painting fanatics can take their artistic skill to the next level revamping their old stemware. All you need is an inexpensive wine glass, paint brushes and dollops of acrylic paints, chalk paints, various shades of nail polish, or just colorful sharpies to create a stunning decor craft with umpteen designs. There are other ways to decorate a wine glass than simply painting the bowl, both decorative and practical. One practical decoration is to dip the foot in chalkboard paint. It is great for parties because people can just chalk their names on the foot of their glasses.

Sharpies make a great alternative to paint, especially metallic ones. You can also glitter  them up for a sparkling appearance that suits any festive occasion. It’s up to you to choose your best decoration idea. And, if you are lack of ideas bellow are some of our favorite ones, we are sure you would love too. Enjoy them!



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