20 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos have gone far beyond being an accessory of sailors and prisoners only. Today they are worn by all sorts of people in order to express themselves, to emphasize some part of the body, to mask the scar, or just for the beauty. So, you have a reason and a strong desire to get a tattoo, but do you know any issues concerning it?

You know it’s gonna be painful. Okay. What else? Are there any risks? How to prepare your body and mind for it? When is it better to get tattooed? See, there are lots of pitfalls here, especially for newbies. That’s why I tried to compile 20 most essential things everyone should know before getting a tattoo. Check them out and enjoy amazing tattoo ideas for inspiration in the meantime.

Even with perfect care, the tattoo needs to be updated about once in 3-5 years. It will cost as much as to get a new one. And it will hurt the same way.

If you want to mask a scar, you should wait at least a year after the injury.

After getting a tattoo you may have such side effects as a slight fever and dizziness. Besides, you will definitely have pain and swelling, so take care of buying something like Bepanthen in advance.

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Don’t drink alcohol, take drugs or painkillers during at least 2 days before the procedure. These substances make the blood thinner, preventing it from clotting so that the process will be more difficult and painful.

You might get shaved, let your artist do this to avoid injuries. Don’t worry, your hair’s gonna grow back.

Don’t wear a brand new outfit, as it may get ink on. Put on clothes that will give your master an easy access to the place of the future tattoo.

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Moles are not touched when making a tattoo; they’re usually hidden in the tat.

Start from something small and discreet. The bigger tattoos often take multiple sessions to complete. What if you won’t be able to decide on enduring that pain again?


The pain depends on your individual pain tolerance and on the tattoo’s placement. Feet, ribs, and butt are the most sensitive areas.

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The most practical time for getting a tattoo is spring or early autumn when it is neither hot nor cold (the tat will heal faster).

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You can be allergic to the tattoo ink if you’re allergic to some cosmetics.


Don’t drink coffee before getting a tattoo. It makes you more nervous and reduces the ability to stand the pain.

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It’s not gonna be cheap. Don’t go bargain hunting, but rather research the professional and skilled artist.

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Don’t sunbathe before getting a tattoo. The sun can leave a painful burn on your skin and you’ll have to postpone your arrangement.

Don’t hurry up with a choice. Give yourself some time to think about the place of the tattoo and its meaning. It’s better to avoid tat fashion trends, as they look dated fast. Consider something more lasting and meaningful, for example, a compass tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is only a half of job – you should also follow the care directions regularly.


Any tattoo can be covered up with another one or even removed (but it’s rather expensive and painful).

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Tattoos on your hands and feet fade faster. The same happens with tats, which are often in direct sunlight.

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The artist MUST wear sterile gloves, use a new, disposable ink cup and needle package.

People will constantly ask you about the tattoo and its meaning, maybe they’ll say their opinion on it, or even judge it, as if it’s their business.

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