These 9 Sophisticated Ways Modern Students CHEAT in Exams Will Blow Your Mind

Hey friends when we saw the story about the students and the techniques that they are using to cheat on a exams we wanted immediately to share it with you. We have picked up the most sophisticated method by our opinion and i m preety ure that you will agree with this. I m so impressed what has been used and how smart the students can be when they are cheating. By the way do not forget to watch the video below and to see what professors can done to stop cheting. Enjoy!

Invisible unless you’re very, very close, Writing the important things on a backside of your calculator with pencil



Ultra-violet pens are perfect for writing secret messages, although you do need a torch to read them


Trickery pen, with a hollowed out one, where notes can be secretly hidden


Calculator screens with memory functions have been employed to conceal answers


Answers on their nail


Write the answers on the inside of a water bottle label



Arthit Ourairat, the rector of Rangsit University in Thailand revealed this week that some 3,000 students will have to re-sit exams after students were caught with Smart watches and Mission Impossible glasses


students used glasses with wireless cameras embedded in their frames to transmit images to a group of as yet unnamed people, who then sent the answers to the smartwatches


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