When Is It Ideal To Take A Business Line Of Credit?

Many companies tend to borrow money from different lenders and credit unions. Usually, they are business loans with specific terms, but sometimes they might decide to get a different type of loan where it taps into the business line of credit. It’s appealing for businesses because of the level of flexibility that comes with it, which makes borrowing a little bit easier. So, if you’re wondering about when you should take a business line of credit, then Here is some information that might prove useful to you:

The Types of Business Lines of Credit

You have three available types that your business could choose from. You could go for secured, unsecured, or equity lines of credit. When you start to compare these with different forms of financing, you’ll notice that they are considerably more cost-effective to maintain. It makes people’s decisions a lot easier when they’re shopping around for ways to fund their business, even if the amount isn’t high. They are mostly unsecured loans, but the perks of having this type of business loan give you the convenience and peace of mind you need because of the easy interest rates.

How Does It Work?

Surprisingly, even though it’s a small type of business loan, they are different because you aren’t provided with a huge payment in one go. It’s slightly similar to a business credit card because it goes through a review and annual renewal, with an accumulated interest that starts once you withdraw the funds. According to the providers and financial advisors at Loanry,  you can keep using the line of credit and repaying the money you receive for as long as you see fit. This allows you to repay the full balance ahead of time to help decrease the credit costs. You might be looking at a minimum of $1000 worth of credit up to $150,000 depending on your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about putting up any collateral because it’s not a requirement for lines of credit. This means that your assets, property, or inventory won’t be at risk.

When Should You Apply for It?

This can vary from one business to another, but ideally, you should take a line of credit when the business season is very slow, and you’d like to even out your cash flow. This can balance out everything and keep your business running longer until the season picks back up again. You could get one to take advantage of slow supply costs that might rise up later. This gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the perks of low costs before they go up again, allowing you the chance to buy inventory now when you don’t have the money for it. It’s smarter and cheaper than waiting until you get funds of your own, but buying it for double the price.

Also, some businesses get it as a fast and reliable method of accessing cash for any transfer needed.  Some companies make micro deals or transactions that come unexpectedly, but they have to be done because the opportunity is too good to pass. Moreover, some companies might be unlucky and have a bad credit score. So, when you apply for this type of loan and constantly repay the installments in time, then it will help improve your credit score significantly. The same goes for new companies that don’t have a credit history, allowing you to build a new positive one thanks to the business line of credit. Overall, it’s the ideal choice when you just want short-term funding to support operational expenses and payroll purposes.

Are There Any Downsides?

Nothing is perfect; that means that you might have some drawbacks with this type of short-term loan. Your debt might pile up quickly to the point that it gets too overwhelming for some business owners, but you can avoid that by not paying the minimum each month and just pay in full and on time. Even though the perks are amazing, it doesn’t cover the costs for big purchases or expansions, but that’s because it’s designed for funding small ventures only.


Times are changing constantly in the business world, pushing companies to evolve and adapt so they can survive in a fierce market. When your company is facing uneven cash flow and you want to continue to grow regardless, then you need a reliable source of cash that comes with appealing terms that you can borrow and repay easily. This is why a line of credit can be your best option as it gives you the leverage you need to thrive and grow in the dynamic and ever-changing market.

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