Why Diamond Painting Kits Are Taking the US by storm

Art enthusiasts around the world have discovered an amazing new trend, Diamond Painting.  These multi-dimensional pieces of art are produced through the strategic assembly of pieces of diamond.  Armed with the right tools, they have been bringing splendid images to life and in the process making life much more exciting and enjoyable for millions of people around the world. This form of art has become so popular that kits have been designed to make crafter’s jobs easier. Producers such as Dreamer Designs have been providing Diamond art enthusiasts with high-quality tools designed to help in the creation of visual beauties.

Diamond Kit Painting in a Nutshell

Diamond painting artists use a patterned canvas as the base for their creations. The original patterns are based on works created by art experts. The diamonds are placed strategically in a manner that is similar to the completion of a jigsaw puzzle and because each diamond or gem used has different sides, the resulting artwork sort of protrudes from the canvas. Once the diamond insertion is completed, the glorious image is revealed. Essentially, therefore, using the diamond kit painting strategy is like having a professional artist guiding you as you create beautiful works of art, that are unique and creative alternatives to traditional two-dimensional art.

Diamond kits usually include the pre-designed adhesive lined canvas. Also included in the kit are the diamond pieces that will be attached to the base as well as the tray that is to be used to hold the diamonds safely while you work. Perhaps the handiest part of a diamond kit though is the device used to pick up each diamond and place it on the canvas. This device is known as the diamond painting pen and is designed specifically to allow you to pick up each small diamond and fit it precisely onto its designated spot on the canvas.  Because precision is crucial in creating diamond art, this toll is especially important.

The Appeal of Diamond Art

Diamond art is always a visual treat. Due to the very nature of diamonds, textures are created and these textures add intrigue to the design. The radiance that shines from diamond artwork also adds to the appeal. Creating diamond art is a growing passion among people around the world, especially in the US. People who love a challenge and have a passion for craft work are finding immense joy in this activity.  Another reason many are choosing to take up diamond art is the fact that they can use this method to create personalized pieces that they can gift to others or themselves.

The canvas designs come in a wide variety of colours, themes, and patterns. These include natural scenery such as mountains, flowers, lakes and rivers, wildlife in various poses and situations and human subjects. Diamond art can, therefore, be used as accent pieces in many different types of décor. They make great focal points in living and entertainment spaces and add excitement to any space.  Depending on the design you choose, your mosaic, once completed, can help complete your design dream for any room.

Putting the Creative Power Into the Hands of Consumers

Diamond painting kits help to make the creation of these spectacular artworks easier. They do this because they make it easier to complete diamond art projects as all the tools are available at once and in one place. With the right kits, art clubs, families and friends can have fun while creating beautiful pieces of art. In other words, diamond painting kits put the power of creation into the hands of art lovers. And because they require the commitment of time (completion can be anywhere from 6 hours for small kits to up to 50 hours for larger ones) they are great activities for groups. The commitment required also increases the sense of achievement and fulfillment that craft enthusiasts feel upon completion of a piece.

Take Diamond Painting to the Next Level With 5D Kits

For even more spectacular results, you can try the tools in a 5D diamond kit. These kits are especially designed to create even more dimensions to the finished work of art. Each gem or bead in a 5D diamond kit has five faces which creates even more beautiful angles and more glamorous sparkles than the 3D versions.

If you’re a lover of craft projects and you haven’t yet tried diamond art, consider doing so today. The fulfillment you feel will be immeasurable, especially when you’re finished and you take a step back to observe your masterpiece.

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