12 Incredible Family Travel, Hotel & Road Trip Hacks You’ll Never Go Without Again

For funnier and more impressive road trip there are some useful hacks that you can use. Interesting games for your kids during the traveling, luggage hacks, smart storage ideas that will impress you and much much more can be found below. When you will see these tips you will never want to travel without using those hacks. Enjoy!

1.Give kids their own spot to sleep in a hotel room by changing the direction of a bed’s pillows

ks 1 source

2.Make more room in your luggage by rolling instead of folding

ks 2 source

3.Put breakables, glasses, and/or jewelry in your shoes so they don’t get lost or damaged in your luggage

ks 3 source

4.Put dirty shoes in a shower cap

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5.Keep a pair of earrings together with a button

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6.Use the USB slot on the back of your hotel’s TV to charge your phone

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7.Save on snacks by creating your own travel-friendly portions

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8.Use a binder clip to protect your razor

ks 8 source

9.Keep entertainment within arm’s reach by filling a suctioned shower caddy with toys and games during road trips

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10.Place jewelry in between two sheets of Glad Press’n Seal to avoid tangles and breaks

ks 10 source

11.Place a cotton ball or pad over your powdered makeup to keep it from breaking.

ks 11 source

12.Fill a binder with printables, games, and other fun things for kids to do on the road or plane

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