12 Insanely Genius Wax Paper Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Wax paper one super cool product that helps cookies, brownies and all sorts of things not stick to your pan, making cleanup a snap. Real a must have in the kitchen. But do you know that maybe there are some alternate uses of this product i mean for the wax paper and all these uses are absolutely genius? Yes dear friends a wax paper could be used for many household things for example: It repels dust, lubricates surfaces and much more. Here are the best wax paper tips and tricks that we’ve found! Take a look below and enjoy in learning some useful life changing hacks.

1.Clean the gears on your can opener by running a piece of wax paper through it.

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2.Shine your chrome faucet with a piece of wax paper

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3.Run wax paper through your printer to create a decorative wood transfer.

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4.Clean your iron by putting salt on wax paper and ironing it. Sounds strange, but it really works!

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5.Put a sheet of wax paper on your Swiffer to get dust off the floor.

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6.Add pretty images to candles.

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7.Put wax paper on top of your kitchen cabinets to keep grease and dust off the wood. Change the wax paper sheets every few months.

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8.Rub wax paper on your shower curtain rod to help the shower curtain rings glide more smoothly.

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9.Add wax paper to your refrigerator shelves to make clean up a breeze. The wax paper won’t stick to the glass, so it’s easy to remove.

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10.Rub wax paper on a zipper to get it unstuck. Smart!

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11.Create an impromptu funnel whenever you need one.

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12.Rub wax paper on garden tools to prevent rust and to remove dirt and grime when necessary.

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