13 Remarkable DIY photo collage ideas as decor in your home

In today’s advanced technology world, we come across many positive and negative things throughout the day. We put all our good memories into our images, arranging them into albums and forgotten forever.

Today we take out pictures from our albums and memorizing our childhood days.

You most probably like to see the most memorable and interesting pictures every other day. It’s time to give them a special place in your home or your room’s wall.

In this post, we will find out some fantastic picture collage ideas that you can use for your images and add to your home decoration.

There are various wall picture collage ideas. We gather some unique DIY photo collage ideas to show affection to your family and friends.

The creative decoration with full of memories always entices a smile on your face.

Check out below the best 13 DIY picture collage ideas for inspiration as decor in your home.

1. DIY photo collage lampshade

picture collage ideassource

2.  Photos under glass topped table

photo collage ideassource

3. Photos into a heart shape.

diy photo collage ideassource

4. Artsy family tree photo collage

picture collage ideas for wallssource

5. Photos as a border on the door

family picture collage ideassource

6. Pin board Collage- favorite memories in one place

diy wall string photo collage



interesting photo collage ideassource

8.  Make collage from your photos hanging in colorful frame

cute picture collage ideassource

9. Photo Collage Initial

cool picture collage ideas


10. DIY Photo collage wheel

creative picture collage ideassource

11. Wall String Polaroid Collage

room picture collage ideassource

12. DIY Ring photo collage

unique picture collage ideassource

13. Geometric photo collage

picture collage ideas at homesource

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