15 Ravishing DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials

There is fun and enjoyment in do-it-yourself world of projects and ideas, and DIY jewelry is not an exception.  There is possibility and chances for making own kind of jewelry things, that are fun, unique, modern and fabulous.  Creativity, patience and desire for crafting are things needed in this case. Every fashionable and modern girl nowadays would never stop looking in buying some new piece of necklace, bracelet or earrings.  It is awesome feeling to buy special pieces, but wearing your own made necklace would be much more attractive and awake certain emotions and mood. It could bring special and sentimental value not only for you, but for a best friend, or a loved one when giving it like a handmade present at home. Thanks to all imaginative and creative bloggers out there, and many original ideas for crafting, you can easily learn how to make your desirable jewelry in no time. If you are looking for some inspirational projects, we’ve complied 15 ravishing DIY jewelry making tutorials. Following the presented tutorials with instructions, try to make beautiful handcrafted exclusive pieces using wire, leather, or anything you will fit perfect to your style and appear with your new earrings, bracelet, necklace or ring.

1.Simple Bobby pin necklace

jewelry 1source

2. Pearl bead knot necklace

jewelry 2source

3.Cute  leather earrings

jewelry 3source

4. Cool shrinky dinks necklaces

jewelry 4source

5. Celine knot bracelet

jewelry 5source

6.  Colorful safety pin bracelet

jewelry 6source

7. Fabulous rings

jewelry 7source

8. Lace slave bracelet

jewelry 8source

9. Attractive fringe earrings

jewelry 9source

10. Modern choker necklace

jewelry 10source

11. Nailed earrings

jewelry 11source

12. Collar on

jewelry 12source

13. Heart shaped rings

jewelry 13source

14. Symmetric shaped rings

jewelry 14source

15. Beautiful knot ring

jewelry 15source

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