18 The Most Insanely Genius Kitchen Tips and Tricks That You Wish You Knew Before

Planning a meal preparing food serving the food e.t.c all this things are common in everyone’s home and kitchen. And to be honest sometimes could be really time consuming.
For this reason we have tried to find some clever tips and tricks that could make all your job in the kitchen much more easier. To cutting a small food pieces like a boss will be your routine but below you will learn many many more useful ideas and i m sure that you wil using it in your everyday cooking for you and your family. Enjoy!

1.Peeling Garlic The Easy Way

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2.The Smart Way To Reheat Pasta

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3.How to Choose and Use Cutting Boards

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4.DIY Travel Cup

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5.A Better Way To Cut Watermelon

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6.Quick Tip: Cut your Pancakes with a Pizza Cutter!

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8.How to Pit a Cherry the Easy Way

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9.Flossing Food

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10.Rolling Citrus Fruit

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11.The Best Way To Chill Wine

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12.Simple Tip: Line Cake Pans With Parchment Paper

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13.Quick Tip – Easily peel ginger with a spoon

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14.how to cut a bell pepper quickly

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15.DIY Bubble Bath Bomb

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16.A Hack for Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

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17.Make crystal clear ice!

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18.Cooking Fish On Lemons

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