For everybody who enjoys sitting or lying on the floor these really easy, decorative, and comfortable cushions are a great idea. You will be more than excited to make them because they are very useful and have many other uses. You can use them as extra cushions for seating during a party, a large coffee table (Or small!), and even as floor cushions to relax and play. So check these DIY floor cushions out and find the ones that you would like to recreate!

There’s no need to spend a fortune on extra chairs or cushions when you can in fact make them on your own. Not only that you would be able to save money in this way, but you will be able to make them according to your preferences and styles. Take a look around your home, see what will work the best for your existing decor, and get down to work. This is such a wonderful way to kill the boredom and make time pass quickly. The designs are truly endless, and I bet that everyone will find something that matches their taste. And remember, pillows and cushions have the power to make any home more warm, cozy, and modern!

1.Floor Pillow

These floor pillows are great for the kids room too. We all know that kids can spend hours playing on the ground, so don’t let them feel the cold by recreating some of the pillows that you will find here.

diy floor pillows no sewFull tutorial here.

2.Floor Pillow

Floor pillows are so comfortable that kids will take them all around the house with them, believe me!

DIY cushionsFull tutorial here.

3.Giant Chevron Floor Pillows

The chevron print has been so popular for the last few years. If you aren’t sure what print to choose, consider this one. If not, feel free to experiment and make your decor lively and vibrant with a combination of lots of prints and patterns.

diy floor seatingFull tutorial here.

4.Floor Cushions

diy floor floor cushions decorativeFull tutorial here.

5.Giant Floor Pillows

Giant floor pillows will be loved by both adults and kids. Are you having a movie night? You are going to have a row over who’s going to take the pillow for sure.

DIY floor pillowsFull tutorial here.

6.DIY Plushy Floor Pillows

no sew floor cushionFull tutorial here.

7.Easy Outdoor Cushions

Do you have a yard and you spend lots of time outside when the weather is nice? The outdoor cushions are going to make that time even more enjoyable. Are you looking forward to make this huge outdoor cushion?

DIY outdoor cushionsFull tutorial here.

8.Hawaiian Style Felt Floor Pillows

DIY felt floor pillowsFull tutorial here.

9.Mondo Piping {teeny bopper floor cushion}

jumbo floor pillowFull tutorial here.

 10.Anneli’s Rag Pillows

I bet your pet will love your floor pillow as well. These DIY floor cushions are excellent for every member of the family!

rag pillowsFull tutorial here.

11.Quilted Floor Cushion

quilted floor pillowsFull tutorial here.

 12.Jelly Roll Floor Pillows

floor pillow stuffingFull tutorial here

13.A Button Pillow

Isn’t it pretty amazing that you can make the pillow in any shape you want? Do you have something particular in your mind? Don’t be afraid to give it a try?

DIY button pillowFull tutorial here.

14.Floor Cushions

homemade floor cushionsFull tutorial here.

15.Flippin’ Fabulous Floor Pouf

diy floor poufsFull tutorial here.

16.Sprocket Pillows

Even if you have enough amount of one fabric you can always combine more fabrics. This is such a nice way to get a colorful cushion that will attract all of the attention in the room especially if the rest of the interior is minimal or neutral.

how to make floor pillowsFull tutorial here.

 17.Boxed Cushion Sewing

DIY boxed cushionsFull tutorial here.

18.Girard Floor Cushion

We all have to admit that the person who created this cushion is very creative and skilled. It’s such an outstanding design that I’d love to have in my home. I may give it a try, who knows!

DIY decorative floor cushionsFull tutorial here.

19.Patchwork Floor Pillow

DIY floor pillow ideasFull tutorial here.

20.Big, bright & beautiful floor cushion

beautiful floor cushionsFull tutorial here.

DIY floor cushions are so versatile and fun, so anyone who’s looking for a way to bring some excitement, color, and pattern to their interior should definitely recreate some of the designs above. Have you managed to find your favorites yet? I definitely have a few of them in my mind!

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