37 Astonishing Turquoise Jewelry Designs

The color turquoise is always associated with a freshness and light. This color, like others, has its own special symbolic significance. It has been especially popular in clothing lately. Beautiful turquoise clothes, or turquoise jewerly, should be in the wardrobe of every girl. They always give the image of lightness and shine. Turquoise color, is not just a color – but a whole range of tones from blue to green. Named “turquoise” there is a whole range of colors from resedo blue and mint ice cream to ultramarine blue and rich shades – emerald green.

Turquoise – a color that came to us from eastern countries. It has long been considered a symbol of love and renewal. Also, turquoise is believed to develop intuition and harmony. In Eastern culture, turquoise is, as a rule, designed for creative people. It is so, because it is an opportunity for self-expression, sensory perception of the world. Incredibly beautiful, slightly mysterious and unusual shade of turquoise color can adorn any woman. It will help you stand out from the crowd and become more visible in order to attract attention. Turquoise color has many shades from dark blue to delicate aquamarine and is magnificent in every manifestation. But how can you properly combine it with other colors to look as effective and elegant as possible? You will learn about this in this article.

Main Characteristics of Turquoise Color

In fashion combinations turquoise color peaked in popularity in the 1980s.  Then at least one detail in that refreshing color, was a must have. As the 1980s are an eternal fashion inspiration, so turquoise has returned to our wardrobes in full force. Turquoise is best combined with white and beige in summer, with the addition of gold and silver jewelry.  If white brings the freshness we highlighted in the previous example, now it’s the turn of the second base color for excellence. Black color will also be of great importance because of its more formal or semi-formal style. These two colors matches good and allows us to always enjoy a successful look.

Turquoise Jewerly Ideas

Sometimes black things look very boring, and they need to be easily complemented with bright shoes. Turquoise shoes go well with black or cream pants. Along with the turquoise color, other fashion accessories with a metallic – mirror effect will also look great. You should be moderate in everything, and it is enough to complete this hit color with one striking accessory. Here we present you some amazing turquoise jewerly ideas that will amaze you. Take a look and choose your favorite piece.












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