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Incredible: This Bridge Dives Between Denmark And Sweden

This is the most amazing and the most impressive bridge on the world. Truly genius and impressive engineers miracle. The bridge is gigantic, boasting a four-lane highway as well as a railway on two different levels. Denmark and Sweden are separated by a narrow strip of water — the Øresund strait. But this bridge – tunnel is the connecction now. …

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Incredible: Pouring Molten Copper Into A Coconut Creates A Very Weird Reaction

YouTube Tito4re is back pouring molten copper into coconuts, this time without the coconut water. The results are surprisingly interesting, with the molten copper turning the coconut into a spitting, rumbling, hairy grenade. I really love these experiments and sometimes the reactions are so weird. Messing around with molten metals has become popular nowadays and i personally expect that something …

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