Disney Jewelry

Disney is one of the most important parts of our childhood and there is just something about it that we can’t let go of even when we grow up. From the enchanting stories to the extravagance of the royal lifestyle; Disney princesses have always managed to win over our hearts. Perhaps one of the most mesmerizing factors about a typical Disney princess is her jewelry and for that, Diamond Treats brings to you the real-life version of the most iconic pieces from the films. Our mission is to bring the timeless pieces featured in the Disney movies to life so that our customers can relive their childhood while looking gorgeous at the same time. Our team of designers is highly skilled to take inspiration from the Disney movies and create magic with their own hands.


Moana was a brilliant, adventurous tale about a young girl who ends up saving her entire village on the islands of Polynesia. In the movie, the lead character “Moana” is seen wearing a precious necklace that is given to her by her grandmother. This is what makes the necklace very significant. Our real-life version at Diamond Treats is made from a dark brown Macrame cord which has mother of pearls intertwined with it. The pendant itself is a blue chalcedony crystal which gives the piece a gorgeous look and also healing properties.


Cinderella is surely one of the most popular princesses in the Disney World. Her story revolves around a fabulous pair of glass slippers, a magical ball gown and a carriage; but the piece we have recreated is the pair of diamond studs that the princess adorns in the film. We have used 18ct white gold to encrust small diamonds encircling one larger one on the earrings, making them breathtakingly gorgeous and classic.

Jasmine from Aladdin

Another popular Disney princess is Jasmine from the timeless classic Aladdin. The film entails magic lamps, genies and the mysterious side of the Arab world while Jasmine stands out every time. Her unexpected romance with a street rat aka Aladdin and their adventures together are what made the movie a hit but another feature that stands out about her is her iconic necklace. Our team at Diamond Treats brought the timeless piece to life by using 18ct gold and truly capturing the essence of her Arabian roots.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Perhaps the most life-changing story that business has ever told its audience is Beauty and the Beast which shows a girl that falls in love with a beast despite his scary demeanor. Once the curse of the beast is broken when he romances the girl he kidnaps, he turns back into the prince he was and marries Belle; making her a princess. The jewelry that is then adorned by the gorgeous princess stands out in every which way. Our team has managed to create her drop earrings using gold and a Ruby stone. The tiara, on the other hand, also features fresh pearls and zirconia crystals.

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