Easy Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Flooring Installation Guide

Epoxy flooring is a top choice for many as a result of the benefits that they offer. For one, they add aesthetic value, while also increasing the brightness of a room. Furthermore, epoxy flooring has safety qualities such as being resistant to water and fire, in addition to being anti-slips. To enjoy these benefits of epoxy flooring, it must be installed properly. Thankfully, it is a project that you can take on by yourself, once you follow the simple steps. Below is an easy do-it-yourself epoxy flooring installation guide.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Installation Guide

  • Prepare The Floor

The first thing to do before installing epoxy flooring is to prepare the floor. You can do this either through sanding or diamond grinding. For floor surfaces that have stains, chemical cleaning is required to remove such stains. The best option for concrete floors on the other hand is a floor grinder.


  • Remove Dust Particles

This step should follow the preparation of the floor. Removing dust particles from the floor, ensuring that the epoxy flooring can be installed effectively. Once the grinding process has been completed, sweep up the room removing as many dust particles as possible. The room needs to be entirely free from dust particles, so an industrial vacuum might be needed, to get rid of smaller dust particles.


  • Apply The Epoxy Primer

The next step is applying the epoxy primer, once the dust particles have been removed. Before you commence this step, be sure to cross-check that the room is dust-free. Having dust trapped in the epoxy coat will affect its durability and give it a shorter lifespan. Applying an epoxy primer is a step that you should not skip, as it ensures that the installation of the coating is seamless. Be sure to keep the room well ventilated, before you begin the process of applying the primer. Apply two layers of the primer for the best results.


  • Fix Holes and Cracks With Epoxy Grout

Before you apply the epoxy flooring, it is important to check for cracks and holes on the floor. Fill all cracks and holes with epoxy grout.


  • Mixing and Application of First Coat

Filling holes and cracks should be followed by mixing the first coat of the epoxy flooring. Mix in an electric mixer for the best results. Ensure to mix it properly to avoid weak coating. After mixing, you can proceed to apply the first epoxy floor coating the floor. Be sure to use a good roller for this purpose.


  • Apply Final Coat

The final cost should be applied one day after the first coat has been applied. During the application of the final coat, you should look out for all the imperfections on the floor, including cracks and holes. Also look out for uneven surfaces, as this should be sanded before the final coat.



These are the steps to follow in installing an epoxy floor coating. If you encounter problems while carrying out these steps, you can contact an epoxy floor professional for help.

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