How To DIY A Christmas Fireplace From Cardboards

Christmas is coming and one of the biggest dreams of every child is to receive presents from Santa. Every little child believes in the story that Santa comes from the fireplace and puts presents under the Christmas tree for those kids that have been good throughout the whole year. But, do you miss a fireplace at home? While that’s not the case with the majority. confirmed that even though fireplaces were a thing of the past, most American homes still own one. Many of them have replaced it with an electric version that looks more modern and is easy to manage. DIY Christmas fireplace ideas are a thing too, so you should take them into consideration as well.

Anyway, even if don’t own a fireplace, don’t ruin your child’s dreams just because you don’t have a real fireplace, but instead, read this article and find out how you can make a cardboard fireplace in only a few steps. Thanks to these ideas you will get a fireplace that will look the same as the real one. This year, be a great host and give Santa a warm welcome.

You can create your own fireplace by using old cardboard boxes. Christmas just has not got the same magic without a fireplace, so give your home any of the cardboard fireplaces below.

diy cardboard fireplace for christmas  source

Choose the size of your fireplace depending on the space that you have available. You wouldn’t like to have it too small in a big and airy room, or too big in a tiny space. Take those measures carefully in order to get the desired look.

diy christmas fireplace out of boxes   source

diy fireplace   source

3d cardboard fireplace   source

cardboard christmas fireplace   sourcediy fake fireplace   source

We have selected pictures that give you all the needed instructions that are separating you from your Christmas fireplace. Prepare the cardboard, paper, paint, brushes, scissors, and start your fireplace project.  Follow the step by step tutorials we have selected to inspire you and open your creative mind. Add interest to any empty wall in your room. You’d love to decorate it with some garland. candles, Christmas balls, and other decorative objects. I’m sure that the fireplace will be the focal point in the room and the first thing people notice when they walk in.

faux fireplace   source

diy cardboard fireplace instructions   source

Some of these fireplaces can even be made with cardboard boxes. Arrange them in the height you want and use decorative paper to dress them up. You can choose one in a brick batter to make it look more real. If you are good at painting, grab the brushes and transform that cardboard into winter magic. It’s a pity that you can light a real fire, but feel free to add some string lights that will set the vibe.

cardboard christmas fireplace   source

Depending on the materials that you are going to use to dress up the cardboard, the fireplace can look really real. I’m simply amazed with the design below. Don’t you just love it?

diy christmas fireplace out of boxes   source

how to make a paper fireplace   source

Believe us that after the first step you take the new interesting ideas will start coming one after one. When you finish with the construction of the fireplace don’t forget to decorate it in the spirit of Christmas. You can even put the Christmas tree close to it so Santa can put the presents under it. You can decorate it with lights so that you will produce a real image of a fireplace with a fire in it. You can add any decoration that you want such as candies, pine branches, Christmas ornaments, you can absolutely arrange it in your favorite way.

easy diy fireplace for christmas   source

We offer you some ideas to get inspired in order to create a real Christmas atmosphere at your home. We are sure the whole family will enjoy your new fireplace.

diy faux christmas fireplace  source

Who would have said that you can recreate these DIY Christmas fireplace ideas out of cardboard? If you can’t add a real fireplace to your living room due to different reasons, don’t worry because these fireplaces will set the tone as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are short on money, have installation issues, or anything else, these fireplace designs will cost you very little money and can be set almost anywhere. What’s most important, you won’t even need to hire professionals to do construction work and make a mess in your home. Grab the cardboard, take some careful measurements, and get down to work. You will have your fireplace before you know it!

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