Is a tote bag a handbag?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding whether a tote bag can be considered a hang-bag or not. This is mainly because ever since it was invented, its usefulness and ubiquity inspired many handbag designers and brands to come up with something of the same sort. This is quite natural of brands to do so, who do not leave any stone unturned to bring the best possible, customer-satisfying products to the market. They pick up small details, like the structure, color, size or utility of another product and incorporate it into their own to remain relevant and opposite in the present. Similarly, various multinational brands infused the essence of a tote into their signature luxury handbags. This was done to make it look like a completely new product amongst its niche target market who were probably unaware of the existence of the tote; or, to target newer consumer markets who would love to have the benefits of a tote bag in a luxurious form.

A tote is a large, strong bag that has parallel handles attached to its pouch. The strength of the bag comes from the type of material used to make it. This includes heavy canvas, heavy nylon or jute; all very strong materials that are relatively resistant to normal wear and tear. The handles are often made of leather which again keeps the bag intact and prevents the bag from tearing open no matter how heavy objects you place in it. The weight of the paraphernalia that you wish to carry, obviously, comes with a limit. These bags come in all varieties of color and size and are now available almost everywhere you go. However, these bags normally do not have any pockets inside them, providing more open space for your belongings.

The tote is most notably an ideal choice for shopping. You can carry it from home when you go shopping in a mall or even for groceries. Different materials used in the manufacturing of these bags offer you different benefits; such as water resistant, mold and moisture resistance. These benefits make for an ideal choice when you go grocery shopping in the intense summer heat where moisture and humidity can affect the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. Hence, you can find tote bags on sale in almost every supermarket or shopping place.

The tote is an extremely versatile bag. It can be used for a wide range of purposes due to its durability accompanied by style and pleasant appearance. It is not only convenient for grocery shopping but also for carrying your books and notes to college. You can purchase a bag large enough, also complementing your workplace style, to fit in your laptop which you can carry to work easily. These bags can be used for all the practical purposes, such as carrying stuff for a picnic, gym, and knitting. These bags are also handy for traveling. Moreover, you can buy adorable and colorful totes and hang them up on the door or on your bathroom wall to place your socks or makeup. This makes it a useful tool for home storage, which is not only high in utility but also extremely affordable.

Recently, various companies have started producing totes out of recycled material. This has proven to be a great initiative which is not only beneficial for the users but also for the environment. Every year, thousands of plastic bags are used across the world during shopping and various transactions – a fact that has immensely contributed to land and water pollution in recent years. This has become an increasingly serious concern for everyone in the world who are aware of the drawbacks of this situation. They realize how significant measures must be taken to avoid terrifying circumstances in the future. One of the ways is to use recycled material for objects that are used on a daily basis. This is why recycled totes can be considered a ray of hope or savior in this alarming situation of extreme pollution. These bags in bulk are manufactured and made available in all marketplaces absolutely free of cost to encourage shoppers to use them instead of plastic bags.

In conclusion, it can be stated that a tote bag is not a handbag. We are all aware of the limited uses and benefits of a handbag, and the materials that are used in the making of these bags. They are relatively less versatile and durable as compared to totes, hence, making totes an ideal option for daily use.

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